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Preschool Program (Ages 2 yrs – 6 yrs)

Little Inspirations' Preschool Program is organized into three preschool rooms each offering both half and full day options. Our small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios help our children learn each day through exploring their environment and engaging in play. The age ranges of our classrooms generously overlap so that transitions to the next classroom are thoughtfully planned according to each child, their development and the class dynamic. Children in all three classes interact together often, creating intimacy within our larger community.

Twos: Approximate ages 24-36 months old

Most of our youngest preschoolers are transitioning from the infant-toddler program, while for others, this may be the first time they are cared for and learning in a group setting. Our Twos enjoy a class size of ten to twelve children and two teachers. This program is designed to help children increase their language development, make predictions to understand their day and become part of a social environment. During this early preschool time, children become more independent and begin to play more interactively with others, deepening relationships and communicating their needs and desires. Twos are Terrific!

Threes: Approximate ages 36-48 months old


Children at this age are becoming even more aware of and communicative about their daily experiences. Our program is designed to maximize children’s opportunities to express themselves through exploring and learning about our world. And these Threes are becoming more savvy each day! Language development is stimulated and supported with activities in each area of development, helping children increase their cognitive skills, physical skills, verbal communication, all while building a sense of community and self -confidence. This level introduces more structure into the day to help children begin to make connections as they predict and reflect upon the events in their days and begin to engage in larger group, longer term project.

PreK: Approximate ages 4 - 5 years old

Preschool children continue to explore their environment through art,

music, literature, sensory, motor and community involvement. They engage

in developmentally appropriate free-play and open-ended activities and

projects that encourage learning concepts and skills through natural

exploration of their environment, making connections among aspects of

their environment and in relation to other living beings.


In each mixed age classroom, children have both the opportunity to

challenge themselves with new skills, but also to master the skills they

already possess as they teach other classmates as they engage in both

whole group projects and small group activities and individual free play.

What a wonderful environment to continue develop skills of empathy

and sharing! Children in this classroom are learning through social

contexts of dramatic play that often mimic real life scenarios. Through

their role play and storytelling, children make sense of the world.

The children are encouraged and supported as they document their

experiences in pre-writing and pre-reading experiences. Their instinctual

need to order their days help inspire opportunities to teach about and

mathematical relationships, inquiry and science concepts naturally! Children’s interests and experiences instigate further exploration, field trips, food experiences and projects facilitated by our teachers.


Children in each of our preschool rooms take one afternoon nap per day, making time in the mornings for more local field trips and participation in Baby Ph. D. Enrichment offerings.

Daily activities in each class may include: Arts & crafts, Dramatic play & Life skills, Music, Movement & Yoga, Health & Nutrition, Pre-literacy & Pre-math, Scientific Inquiry & Social Awareness.Daily activities also include Baby Ph.D. programming, allowing all ages of children to interact with each other on a regular basis, stimulating development, acknowledgement of one’s own growth, and building empathy.

Preschoolers leave Little Inspirations ready for a life of learning!

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