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General Parenting Resources

Here are several articles from NAEYC on "play" that you might enjoy:

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

5 Essentials of Meaningful Play

How to Support Children’s Approaches to Learning? Play with Them!

Top 10 No-Cost Toys for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschooler


Here are some guides that promote healthy sleep for parents and children:


There are lots of great ideas on this website devoted to preschool math:

The Community Playthings website also has lots of great ideas.  Here is an article about

Kids' Gardens

A Parents Guide to Introducing Children to Libraries:

Here's a chart of wind chill and heat index that is a useful guide that our teachers use when determining when the children can go outside, and for how long.  Briefly, if the box is green, we go outside for an hour or longer. If it's yellow, we use our discretion but try to go outside for at least a little while. If it is red, we stay indoors.

Child care weather watch

Some interesting articles:

NY TImes article on How to Raise a Creative Child

Is Your 4-Year-Old a Liar? Here's the Bright Side

The BIP Lab at The University of Chicago has recently released a new set of three videos in English and Spanish with math tips geared toward parents of preschool aged children. These videos were created with the support of the CME Group Foundation and will be shared widely with parents and early education practitioners across the country. The videos are an example of a low cost, light touch, actionable tool for parents to support their children’s early learning. Please share them with your networks of parents, educators, and other stakeholders of children ages 2-6!

+Watch Videos

+Learn more about the BIP Lab

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