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Hi! My name is Ms. Giselle, and I am the new interim lead teacher for the Discovering Dinos! I grew up on a farm in rural Maine, and only recently moved to Chicago with my partner. I graduated with a minor in Music Theory and bachelors in Psychology. During my studies I had an internship in an elementary school, and it helped me realize my passion for working with kids. Since graduating, I was a lead teacher at a nature based preschool for two years, and enjoyed over 4 years nannying. I also worked as a licensed behavioral health professional for kids with special needs.


Currently I am working towards a bachelors in ECE, because just like the kids I love to learn! Working with kids and being a part of those special learning moments is endlessly rewarding and always different. Each kid is unique, and I love finding their areas of strength and passion. Bringing my passions of music, yoga, and dancing into the classroom is also such a blast. I strive to make the classroom a fun and relaxed environment for the kids to grow and explore, and I can't wait to be a part of the Little Inspirations team.



I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. I enjoy working with children because they love to learn new material. I like being able to help them develop new skills, and create friendships with classmates that will prepare them for the future. I love teaching because I enjoy working with children because they love to learn new material. I love being able to help them develop new skills, and create friendships with classmates that will prepare them for the future. My favorite area of play for children is dramatic play because it gives them the ability to use their extraordinary imagination. Also, they get to interact with one another, and play different roles.

ZEALOUS ZEBRAS (Older Preschool)



Hello! My name is Zakiya. I graduated from Moraine Valley Community College with my Associates in Elementary Education. I am currently attending college online at GCU for my Bachelors of Science with a special education endorsement and a minor in psychology. I am a wife, student, caregiver, teacher, and smile-promoter. I’ve always had a passion for teaching developing minds new ways to navigate their environment. Since I was a child, I could always remember having to babysit my younger siblings and cousins and I truly enjoyed it. I grew up thinking I was going to be a psychologist; even though I loved to teach others new information, I wasn’t really sure if that was something I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I started working with special needs children that I started to fall in love with teaching. I learned so much from them. I volunteered at my local library during my high school years for the after-school program, along with volunteering for the special education program at my high school. I worked at Moraine Valley as a student aide in the children learning center for my remaining 3 semesters. I love to see how children grow and evolve to the world and environment around them. The endless encounters and opportunities for development and responsibility at a young age is what mainly attracted me to Little Inspirations. I love how much space is given for them to explore their curiosity. In my spare time when I am not working, I am reading, writing, watching movies or just spending quality time with my loved ones.



Over the years, I have worked with children in Canada, Italy and in the United States.  My background in the fine arts (dance, music, art) has enriched my work with children. Having grown up in multicultural Toronto and Montreal my outlook in life is diverse and spontaneous.  I am a creative, nurturing and responsible caregiver, instructor and mentor to the children.  I enjoy a full personal life and try to frequent the rich variety of art exhibitions, performances, and recitals offered by this great city!  Guiding our children here at Little Inspirations through communication and creative playtime is a most rewarding experience for me!

INSPIRING IGUANAS (PreK / Kindergarten)



Hi, I am the PreK / Kindergarten teacher! I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.A in Psychology, and that experience gave me a deeper understanding of how young children develop, think, and process through their experiences. That led me to obtain a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from National Louis University. As one of the founding teachers at Little Inspirations, I have always enjoyed watching children develop an understanding of their world through interacting with it on a daily basis.  I have never thought of the classroom as just being indoors, so I am very excited about watching children interact with their world through fun community outings, field trips, and outdoor adventures. In my spare time, I enjoy sketching, coloring, and watching TV, particularly Netflix.