BUSY BEES (Twos / Threes)




I attended Harold Washington College, where I got my associate’s degree. I later got my CDA. I choose to work in early childhood education because I love helping young children explore what they can do as they grow. I also love how excited young children are when they discover new things about themselves and the world. In my spare time, I like to read, spend time with my family and cat, and play video games.

FRISKY FOXES (Older Preschool)




Hi, my name is Isabella Friehs! I belong to an international family. My older brother, twin brother, and I were adopted from Colombia when we were young, but I have spent most of my life living in Hyde Park, Chicago. I am currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. On the path to my degree, I shadowed at Little Inspirations and fell in love with how the center helps children grow and knew that I wanted to work here. I love to dance, sing, do art, go on nature walks, and travel. I have always loved working with children and realized that it was a passion of mine when I started to teach a dance class for young kids, so I decided to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education to turn my passion into a career. I love to see how every child is different in their own ways. I’m excited to help children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively, but am especially excited to incorporate my passion for health and dance in the classroom by helping children develop gross motor skills and learn healthy habits.



My name is LaMia Deane. Three years ago, I moved to Chicago on my own from Baltimore, Maryland. After a while, I just decided I wanted to see more than just my everyday hometown. I've been a preschool teacher for four years now and I'm amazed at how much creativity I can bring to the kids. Meanwhile, I'm getting an associate's degree in preschool education, and will keep my education going. My passion for baking has led me to start my own little bakery business on the side and hope to extend as much as being a teacher.



Hello!  I am happily married to my husband of thirty-eight years, Odell, and we have two children named Eileen and Marcus.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University, and attended Rosary College for my Montessori Diploma for ages 3-5. I chose to work with younger children because of the unique ways they have of expressing their wants and needs as they explore and learn. I appreciate the communication I have with the parents, peers and administration as we become involved in each child's development. I am very passionate about continuing to learn - just as the children are! I am happy to help fulfill the Vision and Mission of Little Inspirations.




MARCHAY GRAYS - TEACHER (currently on leave)

My name is Marchay Grays. I was born on May 27th in Chicago, IL. I am extremely honored that I have the opportunity to nurture, encourage, and teach your child. I have always had a passion for Early Childhood Education because birth to age three is the peak for brain development. A child’s early stages not only matter, but they are the most critical in development. I have experience with ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. I began working with children ten years ago and decided to enroll in the Child Development program at Kennedy-King College. I earned my Associate’s Degree, with high honors, in Pre-School Education. I plan to continue my pursuit of my  Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Practice: Infant/Toddler at National Louis University. I am very passionate about Early Childhood Education. I am very patient. I believe that children should be treated with compassion, patience, and respect, regardless of the circumstances. I believe that diversity, social-emotional, and self-expression all play a huge role in a child’s development and tolerance. I am so excited about this new journey! I look forward to building positive relationships with you and your child:)



My name is Dominique Pierce. I am 25 years old and I recently moved back to Chicago from Canton, Ohio, where I attended Malone University for an associate’s degree in Biology. After moving back to Chicago I worked as a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools, third and fourth graders. I have always had a passion and a joy for kids and after working with CPS my purpose became very clear to me. I shadowed at Little Inspirations and after meeting the kids and instantly creating bonds, that left me talking all night about how I enjoyed myself and what a  life-changing of an experience it was for me. At that moment I knew this is where I was meant to be! My personal goal is to further my education by obtaining a degree in child development. My goals for little Inspirations are to create a personal bond with each of my students, get them prepared for the next transition, and lastly I want to help maintain a positive learning environment for all the students.