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Little Inspirations is more than an early childhood center; it is an international community of parents, children, teachers, cooks, gardeners and administrators working and playing together with the common goal of raising children who are exceptionally competent, self-confident, community-minded and happy! Collaboration with family members is essential to our work, and we look forward to sharing ideas, successes and challenges in the process. We know consistency and continuity between the home and school environment enriches our work. We are always looking for feedback and participation among our community members.

We encourage parents to participate in many different ways:

  • drop in to observe the classrooms

  • Share professional experiences and hobbies with the children

  • Share family traditions

  • Join us on field trips

  • Help grow and maintain our garden.  

  • Bring their own ideas for participation!

Little Inspirations hosts a few family events each year to bring parents together for make and take activities in the classroom as an opportunity for family socialization. In warm weather months we have Nature Play Days on weekends, when families to come together  to play in our garden and enjoy seasonal activities. Themes have included nature art, butterflies, building an outdoor music wall, and water works.  

Little Inspirations’ Parent Community Committee serves as a mode for parents to voice ideas for our continual quality improvement and enhance family engagement. We’re always looking for new members!

If you are interested in joining our PCC or would like to share your ideas for family engagement, please click the button below.

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