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Music (

Music is an all-time favorite enrichment class here at Little Inspirations. During Music Magic's classes, children have the opportunity to explore various instruments, learn specific musical terms, and dance around which all help support their language skills, motor skills, and early math skills.


Sign Language

During Sign Language class with Ms. Claudia, children learn different developmentally appropriate signs through play. Listening to stories, singing songs, and playing with toys, all related to the category of signs for the day’s class engages the children in a developmentally appropriate way, which enhances their ability to learn. Teachers reinforce the different signs by using them throughout each day.

Spanish (


Spanish classes with Ms. Melissa provide a fun, play-based full immersion environment to learn a second or third language. Students participate in games, tactile, and movement-based challenges that require problem solving skills, build over time, and focus on communication. Here's a description from Lango:

Fun, music, and play forms are the foundation for our early learners foreign language classes. Our Adventure curriculum takes our set of characters through situations that require solving problem skills, making learning a language an interactive experience.

We run fun and successful Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Sign Language, and French programs all around the Chicago area!

WW Yoga.jpg


Tippy Toes Yoga with Ms. Janise is engaging, relaxing, and fun! During Yoga class children and teachers learn various developmentally appropriate poses, sing songs, and practice meditation. The children enjoy the songs and poses so much they often practice them throughout the day.

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