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Infant  &  Toddler Program  (Ages 6 weeks to 30 months):

Infants and Toddlers at Little Inspirations are grouped with a few other children close to their age and a primary caregiver in each of our two rooms. Early infants enjoy a quiet, calm space for bonding and developing those first motor skills safely. Meanwhile, the toddlers next door have plenty of room to move about and explore their rapidly developing gross motor skills! The two rooms are adjoined so that the children and teachers have opportunities to come together as appropriate, and during transition periods. Primary caregivers often transition with their primary group of children to the toddler room, providing continuity of care among a strong community of children and teachers.

Infants: Ages 6 weeks to 15 months 


We build upon our babies natural instincts! Care and education during these first months of life focuses on bonding and nurturing. Care giving teachers are learning and responding to each child’s communications and individual needs. Age appropriate stimuli are introduced to help these babies begin to understand their world. Infants are encouraged to explore their surroundings and learn about daily life while supported by teacher engagement. Daily activities are offered to promote learning in each area of child development – at an appropriate level for each child. Books and songs are integrated into daily activities to promote language development. At this level, schedules are aligned with each child’s biological needs, and we do our best to align with what happens at home, and are communicated each day in writing. That said, we do post a schedule that represents a general flow of the children’s day. Children eight months and older transition into our food & nutrition program when parents are ready.

Toddlers: Approximate ages 15 to 30 months


When infants in a primary care group are around fifteen months and increasingly mobile, they transition with their peers and primary caregiver into the toddler room. These children are on the move and eager to learn about everything around them!  Activities in each developmental area are extended with children’s individual interests at the forefront, which are supported by on-going observation and documentation. Focused on cognitive growth, language and motor development, children begin to expand and enhance verbal communications and solidify cognitive connections made throughout their days. Music and movement support learning each day and this group can often be found singing and dancing! A wide range of activities alternate with appropriate nutrition and nap time for a well balanced day, every day. Children in this group benefit from our food & nutrition program. Daily communication with parents about each day are communicated in writing, just as in the early infant room. When children reach two years old, the they are often ready to progress to our Twos, which is a transition room on their way to Preschool!

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