Little Inspirations explores and unites my passion for children, learning and life! As founder of Little Inspirations, the responsibility for top quality Child Care / Early Childhood Education is close to my heart. Fifteen years as a teacher and a love of little people inspired Little Inspirations’ inception as a school where the journey of learning begins in infancy, emphasizing real life experiences in a community environment that extends learning beyond the school and its day. A Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, in New York prepared me to lead Little Inspirations from an educational standpoint. A Certificate of Entrepreneurship from City of Chicago Colleges in conjunction with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program guides me in keeping our organization solvent, sustainable and growing. Finally, motherhood of two amazing children adds to my ongoing daily education! I am extremely thankful for the support of our families and the dedication of our fabulous team in making Little Inspirations a wonderful learning community.



My name is Jheaniqua M. Harbin-Tate. I have a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Leadership & Advocacy from Erikson Institute. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I chose early childhood education because children are our future. Children are the key to the future, and it’s up to us to help guide them to their purpose. I chose leadership because I wanted to help transform the school environment so that both students and teachers can flourish. Together we may give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.


When I am not working, I love to read, go to stand-up comedy shows, wine tastings, bike down Lake Shore Drive, snuggle with my bunny, or binge on a TV show.



I am excited to be a member of the Little Inspirations Administration team. I am a mother of two and I revolve my world around them.  Having experienced motherhood has opened my eyes to realize just how much of a lifelong passion I have always had for children. It thrills me to see a child smile. As an early childhood educator, my beliefs go beyond just educating children to also creating experiences that will last a lifetime.  


I have over ten years of experience working with developmentally disabled children and adults in addition to teaching in early childhood. I received my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2012 and just received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business (BSM).  My vision for working at Little Inspirations is to enhance my skills as an Early Childhood Educator to positively impact children’s lives with my unique creativity.  Some of my personal interests and hobbies include traveling, event planning, coordinating and decorating for parties, and just being a mom.



Although I received a B.A. in fine art many years ago, I have always been interested in early childhood education, and took several classes when my two children, Aaron and Beverly, were young. Since my two grandchildren are living in Japan and New York, I especially enjoy having the opportunity to be with and around the children here at Little Inspirations. My administrative support roll began in February of 2014, and it includes a great variety of tasks, from payroll to purchasing to teacher support. I love the fact that my job changes day to day, but perhaps my favorite “duty” is taking candid photos of the children, the staff, and our Little Inspirations community.  The children are used to seeing my camera in my hands.  There is a wonderful sense of community here at Little Inspirations.  There is a strong and united commitment to the well-being and education of the children. I am pleased and grateful to be a team member!