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ANDRIUS CALLUM - CHEF (Central campus)



My name is Andrius Callum, I have an associate's degree in applied science and culinary. From le cordon bleu, I chose to become chef, because I've always been passionate about cooking. It's a way to express myself, create, enhance or infuse anything your heart desires. Being in a kitchen has always been a safe place for me whenever life has gotten a little rough. Being a chef has always been a passion of mine , not just a job. I love cooking , so every dish I make has a little love in the meal. I spend my free time catering food, binge watching my favorite shows and sport, or just being with my family.

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CARON WEBB - CHEF (East campus)


Hey! My name is Caron (kuh-ron) but the kids here at Little Inspirations like to call me “Chef Caron.” I am the cook here at the east campus. I’ve been working in the food industry since 2013. Food is the way to the hearts of many. It’s a way to form a community. There is nothing better to me than seeing the smile on someone’s face after they’ve tasted my creations.


When I am not cooking (or watching bad reality tv), I love eating! Some of my favorite cuisines are from all over Asia. I love Korean barbecue, Chinese braised pork, and Indian butter chicken. Being a cook for a child care facility is new to me, but it has been my pleasure to fill these tiny tummies with delicious food. 

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