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Food & Nutrition

We take our meals seriously at Little Inspirations!  Proper nourishment of our children is essential for optimal health, and our meal program is designed to support our children in establishing healthy habits!


As early as eight months old, when parents are ready, children are welcome to enjoy our homemade  meals! We serve a morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack daily. Our garden and worldly inspired meals are prepared to children’s self-feeding ability with balanced nutrition and in mind.


Additionally, we find mealtime a wonderful time to learn about our bodies and our world. During meals, we discuss the food we’re eating, where it comes from (our garden? a local farm? California,etc.), how it was cooked, and what its nutrients do to keep us healthy! Check out our menu!


At regular frequencies, depending upon the age of children, our cook also conducts “food experiences” for children to interact with our garden, learn about foods, or explore other health related topics. Here at Little Inspirations, we do everything we can to keep our kids healthy!


Check out a sample menu here! 

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