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Little Inspirations nurtures, engages, educates and supports young children as they embrace their daily experiences in a safe and caring environment. Through intentional interactions, healthful habits and purposeful play we expand each child's interests into opportune experiences that build self-confidence, create community, and develop essential skills for the big foundations of a happy & fruitful life of learning.


Happy & healthy children, in a supportive community, building big & strong foundations for life.

Established in 2008, Little Inspirations Child Care Center grew with Peg Dunne Pavelec, mother and elementary school teacher, and her strong desire for top quality care and education in the first years of children’s lives.  Little Inspirations serves over 50 children ages 6 weeks - 6 years of age.  Purposeful play, nature, socialization, and real world experiences are the basis for learning in this nurturing environment.  As a childcare center that is located in a community filled with parks and green space, we strive to consistently give children opportunities to explore their surrounding environment as a context for their learning.  Our teachers are trained in early childhood education, and have a passion for working with children.  Little Inspirations continues to strengthen our programs through continuous professional development for our teaching team, a collaborative community orientation and quality customer service that all aim to meet our children’s needs for learning and life success.  

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